The cornerstones of ROLLSTEEL rollforming lines are reliability, efficiency, easiness to use and durability. 

With ROLLSTEEL it is easy to reach excellent productivity. All the lines are simple to adjust because of reliable and user-friendly technology including variable and modular construction.

ROLLSTEEL provide you with optimised productivity with cost-savings. The lines have compact structure and less production space is required. Modular technology enables you also easy future upgrades.

You can achieve superb quality of end-products year after year. The structure of ROLLSTEEL is solid and robust. Only good quality raw materials and components are used. Production of each line is carried out in Finland by highly-skilled and experienced employees. All ROLLSTEEL equipment is carefully tested and approved before delivery to customer. 

ROLLSTEEL can provide you with the solutions for the following segments:

Our goal is to guarantee that you can use your rollforming lines in the optimal way.

It must be steel... ROLLSTEEL