ROLLSTEEL TS - tile sheet lines

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ROLLSTEEL tile sheet lines produce high-quality metallic roof tile panels efficiently. Production speed can be up to 13 m/min with single press. Panel range includes all common roof tile panels and tailored designs according to the customer's specific demands.

In each ROLLSTEEL tile sheet line the length of tile, height of step, ridge tile and the lower edge can be freely adjusted. Geometry of cutting can be conventional straight cut or in 3D form. ROLLSTEEL TS line is very easy to use and equipped with multi-lingual color touch screen operating panel for the most convenient use. Comprehensive training session gives You all essential information needed for using line efficiently. 

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ROLLSTEEL CS - corrugated sheet lines

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ROLLSTEEL corrugated sheet lines for roofing and cladding are excellent choice for reliable, flexible and high quality rollforming. Panel range covers trapezoidal and sinusoidal profiles for every domestic and industrial need. The output capacity of ROLLSTEEL CS line is always scaled to fit the needed volume:

  • Standard ROLLSTEEL CS line is the best solution for maximum production capacity of only one profile type. 
  • Double-deck ROLLSTEEL CS line produce two different profiles. It takes less space and saves overall production costs.
  • Cassette-type ROLLSTEEL CS line is designed for the production of several profiles on one base frame. It is a good choice for a company looking for some extreme versatility and flexibility in the production. The change between different profiles is quick and easy.

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ROLLSTEEL LS - lock-seam lines

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ROLLSTEEL lock-seam line is a fast and reliable equipment for the production of lock-seam profile. The lock-seam profile resembles traditional seamed roofing profile though being improved by hidden fastening and instant, 'no-tools needed' interlocking system. 

With unique ROLLSTEEL bending unit in the line, you can fold the front edge making the lock-seam profile even more durable and elegant-looking in the eave part of the roof. The lock-seam profile produced with ROLLSTEEL LS line is an improved version of standard profile type on the market.

ROLLSTEEL LS line is one of the most profitable lock-seam lines on the market because of its speed and reliability. Because of rugged structure there is no need for constant adjustments after coil change so there is minimal material waste guaranteed.

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ROLLSTEEL FS - flashing sheet lines

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With ROLLSTEEL flashing sheet line you can produce various building accessories which are important elements of complete roofing and cladding building system. Flashings made on ROLLSTEEL FS line provide good water tightness and excellent aesthetics and finishing touch in the building.

Roof flashings are used in a point of discontinuity, on the edges of other roofs or around objects which protrude, such as pipes and chimneys. Cladding flashings prevent effectively the entry of water into the wall structure. 

ROLLSTEEL FS line guarantees you profitable production of these important building accessories. Versatility of ROLLSTEEL enables the production of different kinds of profiles with one machine which will give you extra cost-efficiency. 

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