ROLLSTEEL FP - facade panel lines

Typical applications for facade panels (also called "siding") are public, commercial and industrial buildings and halls. The product is ideal for new buildings but can also be used for refurbishing or re-facing old brick, stone or concrete walls. Some products are also suitable for internal ceilings.

ROLLSTEEL FP line allows flexible production of facade panels. There are a lot of options available for easy and versatile panel production such as adjustable width, different types of interlocking, various ribbing and punching patterns. The panel type that is produced with ROLLSTEEL FP line will be optimized for the customer's use and requirements.  

ROLLSTEEL FP line is very cost-effective choice, no matter if you wanted to produce log-house imitated panels for domestic purpose or industrial panels in large scale for building professionals. For both environments we can supply you the best-value equipment on the market.

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ROLLSTEEL FC - facade cassette lines

ROLLSTEEL offers the most dynamic facade cassette line concept on the market. With ROLLSTEEL FC line the facade cassette will be fully completed in rollforming process without any unnecessary stops for material repositioning or other handling. The efficiency could be even 10 times higher than in conventional facade cassette production line as many of line's functions are carried out simultaneously. There are no limits for the length of finished cassette and it can be produced either with or without closed ends. ROLLSTEEL FC line is also very cost-effective as less technology is needed and therefore energy-consumption level lower.

Please contact our sales for more information.

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ROLLSTEEL FI - insulated facade lines

Typical applications for insulated panels are cool rooms and other cold store facilities, external roof and wall applications, warehouses, production halls and other industrial buildings.

Sandwich structured insulated panel is fabricated by attaching two wall panel profiles to a lightweight core. Polyurethane (PU), polystyrene (EPS) and rockwool are commonly used core materials. Cassette profile is a structural building element which provides final interior appearance but also bears insulation and exterior cladding.

ROLLSTEEL offers customised rollforming solutions for discontinuous panel production. Please contact our sales for more information.

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ROLLSTEEL FF - facade flashing lines

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With ROLLSTEEL FF line you can produce various facade flashings which are important elements of complete facading system. Flashings made on ROLLSTEEL FF line provide easy installation and excellent aesthetics and finishing touch in the building.

ROLLSTEEL FF line guarantees you profitable production of these important building accessories. Please contact our sales for more information.