ROLLSTEEL FB - frame building lines

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ROLLSTEEL introduces the best LGS (Light Gauge Steel) framing technology on the market. With ROLLSTEEL FB line you can produce fast and comfortably metallic frame structures of residential and commercial buildings:

  • wall elements
  • truss systems
  • floor decks
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You can produce C, U, Z and Sigma purlin profiles, all that with only one ROLLSTEEL FB line.

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Light-steel framing solutions are widely used in pre-fabricated constructions. With ROLLSTEEL FB line you can work flexibly in wide dimension range in steel thickness up to 4,0 mm. Constructions are suitable for both insulated and non-insulated building systems.

The benefits of using light-steel framing are for example:

  • Light weight load
  • High-strength properties
  • Efficient logistics
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Fully recyclable raw materials
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ROLLSTEEL FB line gives you the following benefits:

  • High-quality end products (high accuracy, straightness, easy assembly)
  • Product variability, with one line you can produce all necessary profile types (C, U, Z and Sigma) 
  • High production capacity with constant working rollforming and extremely fast punching unit
  • Wider selection of different joints and fixings available than in standard lines on the market
  • Easy to use rollforming line including flexible and superior panel PC interface
  • CAD-information can be imported into the production database of ROLLSTEEL FB line 

ROLLSTEEL RB - rib building lines

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Metallic ribs (hat profiles) are used for making crosswise support under roofing sheets or as fixture elements in the cladding or facading systems. The accuracy and good quality of hat profile made by ROLLSTEEL RB line create long-lasting and light understructures in new building, reconstructing and renovation.

With ROLLSTEEL RB line you can produce two types of hat profile at very low start-up costs. This line completes the ROLLSTEEL FB lines and gives you added value in your frame production.

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ROLLSTEEL DB - decking building lines

Composite metal decking is the most effective method of constructing floors or load-bearing ceilings in the building. As decking profiles are amalgamated into the concrete, they provide permanent form and reinforcement. Other benefits of metal decking are such as speedy constructing, reduced concrete volume, better fire rating and better acoustics and soundproof.


For more information on ROLLSTEEL DB lines, please contact our sales.